4Square medical staffing is a Georgia.-Based Domestic Healthcare Staffing and Recruiting Company.


4square medical staffing is a leading Georgia provider of medical staffing designed to address and enhance the domestic healthcare providers demands of the dynamic Healthcare workers. 4square medical staffing seeks domestic highly-skilled talent for high-demand Healthcare positions.

Our global recruiting network also provides unique insight into the diversity healthcare labor and service cycles, as well as in our niche in healthcare staffing service industries. We attract the top 50% of the available and professional talent across many jurisdictions and work closely with our clients to develop meaningful recruitment and staff retention strategies that have a material impact on the bottom line, as well as our candidate’s careers.

4square medical staffing  is a trusted and reliable partner to our clients, companies and employees. We continually identify needs and growing trends in anticipation of healthcare shifts and client strategic paradigms, allowing us to readily provide solutions that make fiscal, clinical and professional sense. Our goal is to provide relevant geographic presence of healthcare workers and strategies to incorporate them into our client’s capabilities and support service platforms across the Georgia. Our client’s focus can then remain on providing continual care to their patients, consistent and outstanding healthcare service which is key to growth and profitability. We are focused and structured to provide access vast array of qualified skilled healthcare workers and alternatives to innovative solutions to fill the gap in our client’s healthcare workers need to make an easy operations, and financial challenges for diverse and/or complex work environments, often reserved for larger corporations around the world.